Don’t Get Too Drunk In Your Limo Ride. You Will Definitely Pay the Price and So Will Everyone around You!

Whether you book a limousine for business reasons or personal affairs, most limo rides happen smoothly without any complications or drama taking place. However, as with everything else in our unpredictable lives, there is always a slight chance of things going south. In order to make sure that your limo ride is incident-free and relaxing, you need to take some precautionary measures which include limiting your alcohol intake along the way.

Taking these safety measures can help reduce the risk of potential accidents, unnecessary hassle, and stress. While a lot of people rent a limousine on many occasions including a birthday party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, prom, and more, they are not aware of the rules and regulations that follow when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages on the ride. Therefore, we have prepared this mini-guide to help you understand the downside of getting too drunk in a limo. Here is all you need to know to enjoy a safe and risk-free limo ride:

Unpredictable Actions
Travelling in a limousine can be extremely dangerous for intoxicated passengers. An individual that is not in their right mind is likely to carry out some actions that aren’t sane. Day by day, the cases of drivers being wrongly accused of crimes have been escalating quickly.

Additionally, there are numerous times when incidents go unreported as passengers aren’t composed and collected. While this is not exactly great for the drunken passengers, it’s also quite troubling for the limo companies that constantly get slapped with bad publicity and lawsuits. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid the urge of consuming too much alcohol while you are on the road.

Underage Drinking
When you are considered underage according to the laws of the state you are in, there is no grey area involved. The question then isn’t about drinking in moderation or drinking too much. No matter how dark the windows of your limo are tinted, no matter the occasion you are celebrating, if you are underage, you aren’t allowed to consume alcohol in any form. Punishments can vary from being charged with an enormous fine to being imprisoned for a certain time period and more.

Breaking the Rules
While almost all limo services allow passengers to consume non-alcoholic drinks and water without any restrictions, rules regarding alcohol beverages do exist. Limo service providers usually do not provide alcohol to their customers except for occasions such as weddings where complimentary champagne bottles are included in the package only for the purpose of the cork popping shots that a lot of photographers want to take.

The general rule is that if it’s illegal anywhere else, it is also illegal in a limousine. If you bring your alcohol on board and consume too much of it, you do so at your own risk and you might be subject to large fines. For instance, Section 32 (1) of Ontario’s Liquor License Act (LLA) states that no individual is permitted to have control of or drive a motor vehicle while there is an open container of and readily available liquor in the vehicle. Laws like these can get you as well as your service provider in trouble!

The bottom line is just don’t get too drunk in your limo ride. You will definitely pay the price, and so will everyone around you!