Don’t Get Too Drunk In Your Limo Ride. You Will Definitely Pay the Price and So Will Everyone around You!

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26/02/2020 09:00 AM
Whether you book a limousine for business reasons or personal affairs, most limo rides happen smoothly without any complications or drama taking place. However, as with everything else in our...

There are Many Limo Chauffeur Companies. Make Sure You Choose the Right One!

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07/11/2019 14:00 PM
For most of us, a trip in a limo is a special occasion - sipping bubbly in a stretch is something we just don't get to do often enough! Choosing the right limo company is therefore an important...

The do's and don'ts when rolling in a limousine to your next event

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24/07/2019 12:22 PM
Limousines are generally seen as a party on wheels. They’re an extravagance, a status symbol signifying prestige and wealth that’s usually in the domain of the rich and famous....