The do’s and don’ts when rolling in a limousine to your next event

Limousines are generally seen as a party on wheels. They’re an extravagance, a status symbol signifying prestige and wealth that’s usually in the domain of the rich and famous.

What’s not to love about limo travel? A fully stocked mini-bar, plush seating for multiple people, tinted windows so no one outside the limousine can see what you are getting up to, and your own personal chauffeur. Sounds amazing, right?

Of course it is! It’s expected you blare music and party in the back of the limousine as you approach your special event. You’ve hired this vehicle to make an impression, and you want the red carpet rolled out for you when you arrive. You’re in a limousine after all.

However, you do have responsibilities and considerations when opting for limousine travel. See our list of limousine do’s and don’ts that will ensure you maintain a certain level of decorum and make the best possible impression when you arrive at your event:

  1. DON’T drink too much!
    You’ve probably hired a limousine because you want to make a super-glam impression when you arrive somewhere special. But, if you’re stumbling or throwing up as you exit the limo, the only impression you’ll make on those who see you emerge is one of pity and distaste. Remember, just because there’s a fully stocked bar, doesn’t mean you have to clean it out. Keep it classy, people. Know your limits.
  2. DO ensure you provide your chauffeur with a plan of scheduled stops on the way to your event. Make sure you plan your trip in advance so there are as few delays as possible. If you’re picking up friends on your way to an event, make sure the stops are predefined, and you have a detailed plan to give your driver so he can plot the best route. Otherwise, you risk arriving late and having no one see you arrive in the limousine at all.
  3. DON’T wait until the last minute to book your limousine. If you wait until the last minute to book your limousine, you run the risk of availability being an issue. If you’re thinking about rolling up to a specific event in style, you can be sure others have the same intention. Avoid disappointment by booking early.
  4. DO treat the chauffeur and the limousine with respect. While you’re expected to have fun in a limousine, you’re also expected to treat the vehicle and driver with respect. Don’t damage the vehicle or be rude to the driver. They’re providing a service – they’re not your slave or your inferior. Limousine companies are limited, and you don’t want your reputation to proceed you the next time you want to hit the road in style.

A limousine is the perfect way to arrive somewhere special and make a significant impression. As with anything in life, though, moderation is the key to getting the maximum value from your investment. So, grab some friends and book a limo today to ensure you make an impact on your next special occasion or event.

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