There are Many Limo Chauffeur Companies. Make Sure You Choose the Right One!

For most of us, a trip in a limo is a special occasion – sipping bubbly in a stretch is something we just don’t get to do often enough! Choosing the right limo company is therefore an important decision and one you should invest a bit of time in making.

But how do you choose the right limo company?

Let’s take a look.

It All Starts with Preparation

We can’t stress this enough; do your homework before selecting a limo company. A good place to begin is with customer reviews. Put the word out to your social media connections that you’re looking to hire a limo, and see if anyone can recommend a company (or advise you to steer clear of one!) Look up reviews on Yelp, Google and wedding planning websites like Easy Weddings. Here you’ll find unsolicited customer testimonials and ratings which will give you a very good idea of the quality of the limo hire company.

You’ll also want to be prepared with details when you first start calling limo companies. Be clear about the locations you want to visit, the time and date you need to hire the limo and specific details of the occasion as well as the style of vehicle you are interested in booking. Once the limo company has these details you can get a clear picture of what they’ll offer you. 

The Initial Customer Service Should be Impeccable – if not, Go Elsewhere  

When you hire a chauffeured limo, yes you’re hiring a vehicle, but you’re also hiring a service. So much of how you remember your limo experience will be determined by the quality of the customer service. Here are a few questions to ask to make sure you’re choosing a company that will pull out all the stops for you:

  • When you call the limo hire company for the first time do they answer the phone? If not this is a bad sign. You want to know that if something goes wrong on your special day, whether it’s a wedding or formal event, the limo company will be on hand to take your call.
  • Will the company let you view the vehicle you want to hire before the big day? This is important as it can be hard to gauge from online photos what condition a vehicle is in. If the company doesn’t allow viewings we suggest you look elsewhere as this indicates the presentation of their vehicles may not be up to scratch or that they don’t care enough about your custom to accommodate a reasonable request.
  • Are they friendly? You want a limo company where the staff enjoy their jobs and take pride in looking after customers. The way the customer service staff interact with you can give you can indication of what kind of culture the company has, and whether or not you’ll get a chauffeur who will be a pleasure to deal with.

Money Matters

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a limo. That doesn’t mean the most expensive limo hire company is the best, but if you find a company offering ridiculously low prices, it’s likely you are not going to get the experience you wish for. We recommend you choose a company that is prepared to provide you with a complete breakdown of upfront costs. While limo hire fees are fairly standard, the cost of extras can vary considerably and you want to be clear at the start how much an additional stop or late arrival might cost. A reputable limo hire company will give you all this information in writing.

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